Thursday, December 16, 2010

4th Day of Fitness and Indoor Circuits

Welcome to the Fourth Day of Fitness..on the 4th Day of Fitness, the coalition gave to me:

4 muscle poses
3 hula hoops (don’t have a hula hoop?  Just go through the motions)
2 scissors (feet apart then cross in front, feet apart then cross in back)
and a Partridge in a Yoga Tree-hold a yoga pose

Remember to keep checking in each day to finish out our 12 Days of Fitness

We posted the other day about exercising outdoors when it’s cold outside, but what do you do when you want to complete a workout and it looks like a winter wonderland outside?

Of course one option is to use exercise equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical machine, etc.  There are also workout tapes or dvd’s.  But, what happens when you don’t have the equipment or videos?  You can create circuits in your own home!

How to Create Your Own Indoor Circuit Workout
Step 1:  Decide what kinds of exercises you want to do.  Fat burning?  Do cardio and aerobic exercises.  Strength-building?  Do resistance exercises.
Step 2:  How long do you want your workout to last?
Step 3:  Divide your workout length by 2.5 and round to the nearest whole number.  This is the number of “stations” or exercises your circuit needs.
Step 4:  Select an appropriate exercise for each station
Need some help finding some exercises?  Try

Step 1:  Gather any gear you will need for each exercise.
Step 2:  Calibrate equipment as necessary
Step 3:  Position any equipment so that it is easy to move from one to the next
Step 4:  Set a time to track your 2 minute exercises and 30 second rest periods.  A simple solution is to use 2 kitchen timers or if you have access, you can find free round time applications for smartphones and on the internet.

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