Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Helpful Holiday Tips!

We all know that the holidays can be the most joyous AND the most stressful time of the year. With family coming to visit, the kids being out of school, cooking for the family, and not to mention, the variety of leftover food to eat, there’s no wonder most people feel they don’t have time to exercise during the holidays. If you think you don’t have time, look at it this way, have you spent all year trying to lose weight and be healthy? Have you been successful? Now you are going to blow it all on a few days out of the entire year? Have you lost ten pounds to just to put it all back on?

Do you think you have time to exercise now?

Not only will exercise help with maintaining your healthy lifestyle, exercise will help to ease some of the holiday stress. So here are some ways to squeeze in exercise during the most hectic time of the year.

1. Add exercise to your shopping. Instead of fighting over a parking space, go ahead and park away from the entrance. Not only will you be able to giggle at all the other people partaking in parking lot road rage, but you will be able to add some extra steps to your day. Also, when you’re done shopping, take another lap! You may even find another gift that you missed the first time around.
2. Use your time wisely. You don’t have to have a total workout at one time. Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there, before you know it you’ve done your full workout throughout the day and didn’t miss a beat.
3. Get the family involved. It’s easier to exercise when you have company but for the holidays find something festive to do. Walking in the park, playing in the leaves, and when it snows, make snow angels, or even better - have a snowball fight!!! Even keeping an aerobics video handy will be fun. You and your family will burn the calories right off laughing at each other doing the workout.
4. Last but not least, don’t torture yourself over the holidays. Food is one of the most festive parts of the holidays and it’s only natural to want to eat everything in sight. However, remember your goals for the next year and the ones you already met this year. Write them down and keep them in your pocket if necessary. Keep in mind; the more you splurge the more you will have to exercise to keep the calorie output larger than calorie input.

So don’t stress this holiday about exercise. All you need to do is take regular activities and become a little more creative and remember, the HOLIDAYS are just a few days out of a long year!!

***If you need to plan ahead, check out the calorie counter on the left side. It will tell you nutrition information for food item or restaurant food***

For more information about Holiday Stress or about Healthy Lifestyles, contact Diane Sawyer at 276-956-2983 x 301.

Article by Sierra Hairston, HCI Staff/Hip Hop Instructor

Credit given to: http://www.quakeroatmeal.com/ for sighting some of their tips.

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