Thursday, November 13, 2008

Belly Dancing

Instructor Eydie Clifton leading class.

Belly Dancing.... yes, Belly Dancing. The new aerobics class that has taken Martinsville and Henry County by storm. An average of 50 people show up every week, ready to dance the calories off!

So what is Belly Dancing you might ask? Belly Dancing has many different types and forms as most dancing and aerobics classes do. Our Belly Dancing class is for all sizes and shapes and mostly gets you moving to the music, from head to toe. There are particular moves that sway your body to the music, and it can be as simple or as challenging as you and the teacher want it to be.

There are many myths out there about Belly Dancing. Many believe that you need a special wardrobe or costume (you do not) or that you have to be coordinated when in fact, Belly Dancing is designed to improve and enhance your coordination. You do not have to be a certain size or shape. It is important to note that one night of Belly Dancing will not help you "lose your belly" or lose weight. One night of any kind of exercise will not make you lose weight. However, small changes towards a healthier lifestyle will. This could be your first step towards reaching those goals!

There are only two classes left this session, so come out and join before it's too late! Classes are held at Bassett Community Center on Monday nights at 6:30pm. For other aerobics classes and scheduling info click here.

Look at all these ladies having a great time and burning calories!!

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