Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Belly Dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final count today-------- 112 people!! Awesome :)

What did everybody think???

I need to hear feedback!


Anonymous said...

I loved the Belly Dancing class! I hope that it will be offered more in the future! we all had a great time. Also, anyone who did not attend or was not able to please try and come next Tuesday!!!!!!

Courtney said...

I think this class was a great experience. I know that I will be attending this class again! I hope that people who didnt get to come to the class on Tuesday to please try and come next Tuesday! We had a great time and I hope that this class will be offered more in the future!

Diane said...

CORRECTION: Belly Dancing had 142 people on tuesday night!

Anonymous said...

I especially enjoyed the music. It was more fun on the 2nd day so I can't imagine what's in store on the 3rd & 4th week. Wish the classes could be extended longer than 4 weeks.

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