Monday, December 29, 2008


The first thing you think of when the New Year is approaching is what resolution I will make this year. How about this, NO MORE RESOLUTIONS!!! Instead let’s make a solution. One of the most common things people want to change in the New Year is something health related. Whether it is to lose that tummy, tighten those thighs, or just improve your quality of life, everyone seems to want to change something. So here’s the solution. Make a lifestyle change. No not just an “I will starve myself until I’m 20lbs lighter” change, but a real change. A change that is slow and gradual, not hasty and overwhelming. A change that has small goals along the way with rewards to keep you encouraged. The better prepared you are to make a change the more success you will have with it.

** President Elect Barack Obama & President George W Bush shown above are very active**

And if you need more encouragement think of this, Barack Obama, just like other past presidents, is very active. He even does his workout before his day begins. And the same goes for his wife Michelle who is an advocate for women’s health. Now, if the leader of our country gets up every morning and exercises, don’t we think it’s time we get up and do the same? (see article: No sweat: Obamas work fitness into daily routine)

Hopefully these tips will help you make a SOLUTION this year:

Write down your goals and post them in place where you will see them more often. It’s good to have goals but a visual aide of what you want to do can help you stay focused.

2. Be realistic. Basically don’t try to overdo it. You’re not going to lose 20lbs in a week so stop trying to force yourself to do so. Realistic goals allow you pace yourself and feel good about the small accomplishments along the way.

3. Make a schedule. We all feel as if we don’t have enough free time, but have you really sat down and thought about everything you do or don’t do in a day? Writing down a schedule will help you find free time in your day that you can devote to exercise.

4. Be your own cheerleader! Laugh, smile, root for yourself every now and then. Always be encouraged. You might not be able to see the change on the outside right away but making a change on the inside can help you feel better. What you feel on the inside will radiate to the outside so put your best you forward!

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Article contributed by:

Jerelle Carter and Sierra Hairston


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Low Fat White Chili Recipe in the January newsletter. It turned out delicious!

jewelz said...

I loved the White Chili recipe! Keep sending them!

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